Hello this is a Practical Guide to Losing Control for People who DIGITAL


Aaron Angelo

Some Kindo of Resistance Tour

Open box with notecards

Jump Start Sass

The Post Obsolete Book

Riding SideSaddle online

True West Award

Teacup Gorilla at Syntax Physic Opera

Teacup Gorilla: The Holes They Leave


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Viewpoints of Theater

  1. Spatial Relationship

  2. Kinesthetic Response

  3. Shape

  4. Gesture

  5. Repetition

  6. Architecture

  7. Tempo

  8. Duration

  9. Topography

Elements of Art

(color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value)

Mary Overlie

Focus on Process

(create barriers)

Expose The Strings

(especially the mistakes)

Unison, Harmony, Dissonance

(not psychological realism)

Build Layers

Improvise and Experiment

(adjust variables, compare results, iterate)

User Testing?

“Write to please just one person.”

“If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia.”

―Kurt Vonnegut, Bagombo Snuff Box

👨 ?


A Queer Theory Primer

[the oversimplified version]

Strange” or “Peculiar

1800’s: becomes a (sexual) insult

1980’s/90’s: Reclaimed

A big tent movement

"We’re all the same"

We’re all different

…but our struggles intersect…

“We’re normal too”

There is no “normal”

“Do I want to create work in which everyone feels the same, or everyone feels differently?”

—Anne Bogart, A Director Prepares

America is...

Women's March

Empathy for Difference

(Julia Serano on “Gender Entitlement”)

Multiple Voices & Media

Open-Source Art!

Media Philosophies

affordances and constraints

The Web is Client-Centered

the printing press is server-centered

Progressive Enhancement

Mia HTML-Only

Mia Styled!

The Performative Turn?

Post-Obsolete Book with Styles

Responsive Web Design

“The fact we can control a paper page is really a limitation of that medium.”

—John Allsopp, A Dao of Web Design

Mia buying projection sheets

Mia buying balloons

Queer Tools Fit You

“Sorry, this hammer only builds patio chairs…”


Susy Sample

CSS Grids

aside {
  width: 23.7288136%; /* ((3*4em) + (2*1em)) / ((12*4em) + (11*1em)) * 100% */
  margin-right: 01.6949153%; /* 1em / ((12*4em) + (11*1em)) * 100% */
  padding-left: 08.4745763%; /* ((1*4em) + (1*1em)) / ((12*4em) + (11*1em)) */

Meaningful Grids (on demand)

aside {
  width: span(3);
  margin-right: gutter();
  padding-left: span(1 wide);


.site {
  @include all-the-grid;

Layers of Abstraction

Dr. Joan Gaither

Another documentary quilt

Abstract Process

Combine Ideas

Generate Material




Distributed Collaboration?


Hello World!

Minimum Viable Art

(start somewhere)

Experimental Process

(not a single aesthetic)

Use Anything

(not just what you expected to use)

Trust Users

(but learn to translate)

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate


[ ] a longing [ ].